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Myths of Online Doctoral Degree

Are horrible myths about learning online standing between your doctorate degree and you? Well, it is time to get rid of those myths by getting the facts about obtaining an online PhD.

Myth #1: Obtaining Your Online PhD Is a Scam

Read a newspaper or turn on a news channel, and you’ll find one more story about college scams online. You can keep away from falling for a scam just by making sure that the online school that you desire to attend is accredited. A school of good reputation can tell you about its accreditation; moreover, it can provide you further contact info to learn more. To ensure that the school you are seeking is legitimate, pursue the reputation and history of online school.

Myth #2: Courses Online Are a Shortcut to Doctorate Degree

The biggest myth about doctorate programs online is the quantity of work involved. In contrast to this common myth, online courses can be as hard as classes that are offered in a usual college setting. A lot of requirements for an doctorate degree online are the similar to those for a PhD which is achieved on campus.

Some may say classes online are even more hard than the ones in a usual college setting. Once you enter a PhD program online, you’re assuming the responsibility of completing the coursework at your own pace, and that certainly requires discipline. You will not require a classroom instruction every day to remind you of what you should be working on or what is due. It is essential to have tremendous time management skills.

Myth #3: Doctorate Degree Online Will Not Be Recognized

Some years ago, the online degrees were not considered seriously by the employers. With the changing world and altering attitudes towards online learning, today, the majority employers make out that online degrees are not only acceptable, but they may in fact offer a improvement in the workplace. You prove to the potential employers that you’re motivated, disciplined and a true self-starter at the time you obtain an online PhD.

In case you’re still worried about your online degree’s impact on your job search, you should enroll in online courses which are provided by usual universities. Are you aware of the online program offered by Notre Dame? Texas A & M too, offers an online program. More and more colleges are considering offering distance learning programs.

Myth #4: Just Computer Wizards Can Study Online

Great news for technically challenged is if you are capable of checking your email and clicking on a link, then you are capable of taking a course online. A lot of colleges provide introductory computer courses for assisting you find out more about Internet and the way to handle the online assignments. Hotline assistance is often ready for students who’re stuck on an issue with the technical side of classes online.

Myth #5: There Isn’t Any Attention from Teachers In Person

People designing programs online know that “face time” with a tutor is perhaps not going to take place. So they come across other methods making the experience more personal. The distance learning experience is made more interactive and interesting with the help of discussion forums; conference calls with tutors and contact with the academic counselors. Teachers and students work together via email, creating a strong educational experience.

Myth #6: Obtaining an Online PhD Is Very Costly

Students seeking a doctorate degree online will’ve the same financial problems like those who’re achieving their degree in a traditional classroom setting. The price of a degree online may in fact be a bit less in case you think about other factors including the cost of commuting to class daily is removed, and the textbooks needed for the classroom learning are accessible to you online saving some pocket change.

Obtaining your online PhD from an accredited university program is most likely to cost more than getting the similar program from a community college. In both the cases, financial aid is available to the online students, like it is available to those choosing traditional colleges.

Myth #7: Opting For an Online Doctorate Degree Will cut Me off from the Other Students

To be academically successful, it is very important to get the support of other students. You always need somebody to share in your experience. Message boards, dedicated forums, and contact via video conferencing or phone are all famous ways of connecting with other students.

Now the myths are busted…

Today, all these myths are busted as you can get your PhD program online with confidence.