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Guide to Master Degree Programs in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Many people think that philosophy degrees are for people who have nothing better to do with their lives apart from servicing their student loans by working as a supermarket attendant. Well, if you’re one of those people with that mindset, you may want to consider a recent report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) that states: human resource managers are now more concerned with hiring people who are skilled rather than considering their area or field or study. An article published in the New York Times recently claimed that there is a sudden increase in the number of students enrolling for philosophy degrees partly because the major encourages development of vital skills – analysis, critical thinking and writing.

Whatever profession you may be hoping to join, good communication and problem-solving skills are vital for you to secure a good job. This is a concrete reason why an online or on-campus master’s degree in liberal arts and humanities is ideal for anyone at whichever level. This degree programs offers a myriad of specialties which foster skills sought after by employers and students hoping to get in various careers.

On-Campus and Online Master’s Degrees in Liberal Arts and Humanities

Philosophy is just but a discipline under the wider liberal arts (at master’s level). Other disciplines in this fraternity include: English literature, history, philosophy, foreign languages, anthropology, women’s study, art history, among others. Conventional colleges also include: economics, math and basic sciences.

A popular degree conferred upon liberal arts and humanities grads at the master’s level is the Master of Arts (MA). There are both online and traditional degrees offered in general fields such as Master of Arts in Liberal Arts to more specific fields such as Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. Here’s a listing of other popular master’s degrees in the field:

Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Master of Arts in Humanities

The above titles are used interchangeably. Whether a student is pursuing an online or traditional degree in the above mentioned master’s degree courses, he or she is allowed a wide range of topics which include: literature, religion, philosophical underpinnings of modern science and technology, music and many others. This is a perfect example of a multidisciplinary degree since by undertaking an MA the graduate is molded to enter various careers: a position in a publishing firm, a teacher in a private or public secondary school and if lucky, at a two-year college, advertising agencies, banking and financial companies, federal institutions, social services organizations among others.

Master of Arts in Political Science

Students who pursue this master’s degree program are assimilated into areas which require knowledge in international relations, political philosophy, comparative politics and the government. A Master’s of Arts in Political Science graduate ends up working in fields like government service, foreign service, non-profit work (specifically in public policy) or journalism.

Master of Arts in History

At times, the Master’s Degree in History is offered as a general degree which is inclusive of European history and culture, American history, society and culture and world history. Alternatively, some master’s programs in history are more specialized like military history, jazz history, history of decorative arts, or oral history. With a Master of Arts, one can get a job in a museum, an archive, as a public historian or get a teaching position. To a great extent, they are also highly marketable in other professions owing to their skills in gathering and organizing information as well as analyzing various points of view.

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature

Whether fueled by a passion for Chekov or Chaucer’s works, love for literature is essential for any potential master’s graduate in English language and literature. They are expected to later on specialize in a particular genre, time period, or author. Other general degrees in English and Literature are also available both online and on-campus. Since the MA in English and Literature fosters a great deal of writing skills, graduates are well equipped to work in public relations, editing, publishing, and businesses – or any other industries that require experienced writers.

Other Master of Arts Degrees in Liberal Arts & Humanities

Go through the list below to help you decide on which master’s degree program is ideal for you in the liberal arts and humanities.

  • Women’s studies
  • Sociology
  • Religious studies
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics
  • Islamic studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Communication studies
  • Classical studies
  • Chinese studies
  • Art history
  • Anthropology
  • American culture
  • African studies

Earn a Master’s Degree Online or On Campus

Online degrees have continued to gain popularity since they offer flexibility without having to change a lot of the current routine. They are ideal for people who are already in a certain profession, wishing to advance their career or get into another career altogether. Those wishing to get a teaching or academia career should take the opportunity and get used to the environment of traditional colleges. Online colleges and universities usually make their programs to fit the busy lifestyle of adults – whether juggling between jobs or caring for young children who need them very much. This is a great idea since you can study part-time when you’re free – at home or in the office. Arguments have been put forward showing that online colleges are more effective than traditional ones. has a great directory of master’s degrees which is a great resource which you can put to task while searching for a program to enroll in.

Master’s in Liberal Arts: A Jumping Board to a New (or Improved) Career

It doesn’t really matter where you get your degree program from – online or traditional. What matters is that it signifies that you are equipped with critical thinking skills and are adaptable to changes which are necessary for people in careers at higher levels.

Enroll for a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts & Humanities to get the chance of entering into your dream career!