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Personal Branding

Personal branding explains the method through which a person stays ahead of a large group of job hunters by distinguishing himself/herself from others who have similar abilities and skills. Your brand must consider the three factors given below:

  • Value proposition: Value proposition signifies your standing when it comes to your appearance, personality, strengths and competencies. It is everything you offer being a person which may fulfill a particular job description.
  • Differentiation: Differentiation makes you different from the group of job hunters.
  • Marketability: It is what’ll make potential employers choose you or throw open a new opportunity.

You should start building professional or personal brand as soon as possible.

Importance of branding

A recent survey reveals that 51% of graduates-to-be who sent applications for a full-time job had found one prior to graduation, suggesting that 49% of the applicants had to undergo the “scary” recruitment procedure.

If you are among that 49%, to be able to face this huge competition, it’s essential to learn about your strengths and be the best marketer. Which means you’ll have to build a unique personal brand, an element that illustrates your distinctive attributes.

Presently, you might be doubtful what is that you wish to accomplish once you graduate, when it comes to a certain career path. You would possibly feel irritated you will have to apply to several organizations, not understanding who’ll provide you with job first. Using personal branding, it is possible to highlight your distinctive value proposition as well as claim the position you want, while developing confidence along the way.

The staff of your college career center can assist you with the steps given below:

  1. Find out what you are passionate about or interested in, as well as your goals. Review your previous achievements, education plus work experience, and find out how it could lead to a career. Utilize this info to an arranged development plan in order to achieve your objectives and claim that entry-level placement upon graduation.
  2. Produce the marketing resources employed in communicating with the employers: a cover letter, resume, references document, blog, web site, or work portfolio. For instance, a blog lets you display your way of writing, creativity, and ability. By posting comments on several other blogs, you can display your interpersonal abilities and skills. Try to find methods to communicate your distinctive value statement to employers.
  3. Improve your resume by means of personal branding, employing visual elements as well as keywords related to your career in order to make it possible for the employers to grab your resume quicker.
  4. Create a website that contains your resume as well as similar projects that you have completed.
  5. Build a blog to network and engage with other people who have an interest in a subject which you like.
  6. Show your brand online making use of a professional profile, which is an electronic form of the resume-over, a professional networking website. Produce a portfolio or case histories to ensure you have good standing with site viewers or employers.
  7. Take advantage of e-mail for conveying a steady professional brand. Rather than employing a nickname, it is better to make use of your name, so it becomes easy for anyone to find your address.
  8. Lastly, carry on expanding your brand, at the same time update your marketing materials to show your professional as well as personal growth.

Other ways

In case you’re a newcomer attending college, you have sufficient time for discovering your brand, however if you’re a senior, you might like to perform a quick assessment of the brand and begin making your brand materials.

Think about your interests, passions, as well as goals, to be able to match them to a particular job title or function. This practice could be completed by you, however do not be afraid to request assistance from an advisor or teacher. Review your present resume, together with the supporting material, and find out whether they align with all your aspirations and goals.

Obtain suggestions from members of the family, friends, teachers, career center staff, as well as other professionals. Their suggestions and feedback will help you develop your brand as personal branding is the way others perceive you.

Always anticipate your profession. People who are confident and have faith in themselves find it easy to succeed in their lives.