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Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. –Malcolm Forbes

Education majors undergo a very demanding training process involving observation and fieldwork. Almost all education programs require practical experience in a classroom environment. As a result, virtually every student majoring in education (intending to work in an elementary or secondary school) should take advantage of mentoring opportunities as well as student teaching programs.

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  • Master’s in Teaching
  • Literacy & Reading
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  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Administration
  • Curriculum Design

A good number of education majors enroll in liberal arts programs which are perceived to be the mainstream education courses; allowing them a great deal of flexibility all through their working lives. Others however decide on specializing into ‘rigid’ fields like math or science. It all depends on personal preference and comfort zones.

Education majors require impeccable communication skills above any other kind since the understanding of the class depends on how well they are able to communicate. They are taught to communicate not only with children but also anxious parents bringing children to school, adult students as well as the developmentally challenged ones. It is impressed upon them that non-verbal communication and active listening skills are very efficient to use or detect in a classroom environment or even in parent-teacher conferences.

Working professionals who need a career change usually opt for online classes so that they can still be earning an income before making the direct and total career change. Teachers with bachelor’s degrees also find online classes very important since it allows them the chance to advance to master’s without having to take academic leave.

What jobs are hot in education?

Thanks to the increased funding and federal government instructions, schools across the country are expected to hire a record high number of special education teachers in ten years to come. Pupils that would have otherwise lacked the education they deserve because of their special needs can now benefit from special education which has been highly discussed warranting government mandate.

On the same footing, learning institutions’ dependence on standardized tests scores has intersected with anxious parents’ hopes for their kids to secure positions in good schools at whichever age level. This is great news for child development specialists who will benefit from a thriving market from privately-coached students and school coaching systems.

Education majors with high SAT scores are highly sought after by private tutoring companies so that they may share their strategies that resulted in their success with client families of candidates. Education majors entering this line of work should expect robust and non-traditional salary-determining procedures which are characterized by handsome bonuses depending on how well the students perform. In the private business sector, education majors might be recruited to come up with angled communication techniques targeted to their staff and the general public.

Look out for education majors having concentrated on journalism, mathematics or communications being very successful as public relations specialists, policy analysts and corporate strategists. Surprisingly, the mass media employs a lot of education graduates who end up working as part-time or full-time producers, reporters and writers.

As a result of the crippling economy leading to budget cuts, traditional institutions coupled with the popularity of online education allow education degree holders with broad interests to suffice their appetites by teaching courses at several colleges and universities. In certain instances, adjunct professors earn greater salaries than the tenure-track ones in 4-year learning institutions.

Why should you consider a college major in education?

The United States Department of Labor in a 2002 report, ranked education as the second largest industry in America and was said to be growing exponentially. Using logic, it would be correct to say that 8 years down the line, it is at par or has surpassed the number one industry of that time. This is a clear indication that education is an unprecedented, lucrative career opportunity. In spite of previous rows regarding salaries of teachers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that administrators, teachers and counselors earn a tad bit more by the hour compared to average American workers.

As baby boomer teachers reach retirement age, a gap will need to be filled in teacher shortages and thus fresh education degree holders will jump right in.

What kinds of candidates make the best education majors?

According to educators who have been in the business for a while, a career as an educational administrator, a trainer or teacher will require practice, commitment, and undying patience. These traits allow them to handle challenging moments with parents, students as well as fellow colleagues. Over their training period, education degree holders ought to improve their levels of patience by meditating, learning communication skills and relaxation skills.

Education is a dynamic field and thus educators should expect learning to continue all through their career lives even after conferment of diplomas and degrees. They should try and learn newer and more effective teaching skills, device methods of handling newer generations of kids, as well as inclusion of newer technology in the curriculum. To this effect, employers emphasize professional development of teachers as well as ongoing certification instead of a one-time thing.

What you can expect from our Guide to Education Majors?

Examine our comprehensive profiles of particular education degrees. Choosing an area to specialize soon enough can give you a great leap in hiring companies. By reviewing the profiles you will get to know the advantages, what you need to launch a career in that particular field as well as online opportunities for the particular specialty among other vital information.

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