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Engineering Majors

Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was. –Theodore von Karman

What do Engineering Majors study?

Quite a number of people mistake general science to be engineering. Although they have a relationship, engineering has to do with the application of scientific know-how and concepts to problems which cumber the real world. As a matter of fact, engineers contracted to solve urgent problems are expected to work a lot faster than classical procedures of the scientific world would permit.

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Engineering majors specializing in a particular discipline usually find curricula which supplement both mathematics and science courses. Depending on the institution where a prospective engineer seeks his degree during his course of study, he or she may be required to study theoretical principles which act as the foundation to academic or research careers or industrial practice to land in a hands-on career.
Whichever the case, these majors are responsible for coming up with cutting edge discoveries which are released to the general public only years after testing.

A recent advancement in engineering programs has allowed for the inclusion of ethics, law and business courses to supplement specialty courses. Administrators and other educators responsible for coming up with curricula find such supplementary courses worthwhile inclusions; since, for instance these professionals will be developing solutions to be implemented in businesses, thus require a good mind for business too. The timely inclusion of online engineering degree programs has come at a very opportune time since it allows adults in careers already, to steadily rise up the ranks in the offices without necessarily having to take time away from the office.

What jobs are hot in engineering?

Virtually every engineering major implements the use of computers since they impact the daily lives of so many Americans in the country. Whether a civil engineer or a computer engineer, a lot of input and output dependent on computers are required. Take for example, a civil engineer using computer aided design to come up with a model bridge which can support an electric train.

Computer engineers keep making breakthroughs bent on improving quality of life as well as boost business speeds. They develop software applications that solve our complex problems in the best of ways.
Civil engineers are responsible for creating and making better products that we don’t even know exist. They come up with innovative solutions to problems which we might have, like transportation, energy use & allocation and also water treatment.

There are currently two fast-growing engineering careers which are also intertwined with a lot of exciting opportunities in their execution. They include:

Two of the fastest-growing engineering specialties also rank highly among the most exciting opportunities for engineering majors, and they are:

  • Bio-chemical engineering – these genre of engineers usually study existing problems in living systems which are particularly related to food supply in society while coming up with possible solutions. Bio-chemical engineers are usually employed by large agribusiness companies to aid in improving yields required to feed the growing population.
  • Bio-medical engineering – these are responsible for devising habits and products that can guarantee longer, healthier lives to the people. Bio-medical personnel are hired by health companies to design tools that ensure well-being even at senior age.

Why should you consider a college major in engineering?

Undergraduates in prestigious research institutions can come up with groundbreaking discoveries. Take Google and Yahoo! for instance, they began as college research initiatives – even funded primarily by their founders’ university (Stanford). For pupils who do not launch companies on their own, a rock solid undergraduate experience is a guarantee for a secure and stable life once absorbed into the industry.
As more and more engineering majors are needed in the business world, they can begin forging relationships with potential employers while still pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. Most engineering programs offer adequate job placement and the much needed career counseling services. Certified engineers earn an average starting salary of $40,000 per annum, having a very attractive benefits package to go along with the paychecks.

Quite a good number of engineers supplement their engineering degrees with degrees or diplomas in business administration. This qualifies them for top tier careers as managers or company presidents which of course come with the much coveted parking space! Although there is great international competition, new engineering job openings arise – which companies are not able to fill as fast as they are being availed. Field engineers can also take hold of these lucrative managerial job openings by attending online classes without compromising on work experience.

A report generated by the United States Department of Labor Statistics reveals that professional engineers usually work in the same company that first hired them; usually all through their working lives. This is a clear indication that job security is guaranteed while they get a chance to directly impact the society in which they live in.

What kinds of candidates make the best engineering majors?

This career is ideal for creative problem solvers or people who are out to improve the standards of living of the masses. Engineering is a robust and dynamic field thus, an engineer should have a flexible mindset which allows him to view things from various angles. Engineers work together or with a team below them hence they should also possess impeccable communication skills and quick decision making abilities.

What can you expect from our Guides to Engineering Majors?

Examine our comprehensive profiles of particular engineering majors. Choosing an area to specialize soon enough can give you a great leap in hiring companies. By reviewing the profiles you will get to know the advantages, what you need to launch a career in that particular field as well as online opportunities for the particular specialty among other vital information.

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