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Computer Science

Computer science careers are ideal for those who have a meticulous eye for detail and possess impeccable analytical skills. It is a promising line of work with chances of rising in the professional cadre; ranging from average to above average in rank, over some years.

Computer and Information Systems Manager – This individual is charged with the responsibility of planning, coordinating, as well as directing research and design for most if not all a company’s computer related projects. In some rare cases do employers hire individuals with only a bachelor’s degree; most prefer employing MBAs. In 2007 the median annual salary for a Computer and Information Systems Manager was approximately $108,070. This is believed to have increased considerably by now.

Computer Systems Analyst – System Analysts are employed to ensure the efficient and effective use of computing technology used in a company or organization. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees are preferred in this case but when it comes to more complex tasks, master’s degrees would be ideal. Three years ago the median income for Computer Systems Analyst averaged at $73,090 per year.

Computer Software Engineer – These professionals are responsible for designing, testing, constructing and also maintaining computer programs tailored to serving the needs of their clientele. They may choose to specialize in systems software or the usual application software. Candidates with bachelor’s degrees are most preferred. Computer Systems Software Engineers in 2007 earned a median salary of 89,070 while the Computer Applications Software Engineers earned $83,130 annually within the same year.

Computer Hardware Engineer – Charged with the responsibility of researching, designing, developing, testing and overseeing the manufacturing of computer components such as circuit boards, computer chips and some computer peripherals etc., these professions are hired on achieving a bachelor’s degree. For those who wish to work with the public directly, application and obtaining a license is mandatory. Three years ago these professionals earned a median of $91,860 annually.

Computer Programmer – Computer programmers usually carry the bulk of computer coding and algorithms and are believed to have very retentive minds. They code programs in basic form to be understood by the computers which they then use to execute their functions. Median salary earned by these professions was $68,080 in 2007.

Computer Support Specialists – They may have varying work environments. They either help co-workers or their personal customers whenever they experience difficulties while working with operating systems, software programs, and peripheral devices among other computer components. The level of education guaranteeing entry into this career varies greatly, although a bachelor’s is believed to be sufficient at most times. Three years ago Computer Support Specialists earned a wage of $20.39 per hour which amounts to a median annual salary of $42,400 per year.

Network Systems Analyst – These are typical networking experts who deal with LANs, WANs and MANs as well as internet and intranet. Their chief responsibilities are analyzing, designing and testing these systems. As a general rule, a Bachelor’s in Computer and Information systems would be applicable to get you employment into this field. Network Systems Analysts, in 2008 bagged an annual salary of $71,100. That translates to an hourly wage of $34.18.