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Myths about Accreditation

It is very important to know everything about the accreditation for online and traditional universities, because there are accreditation myths which cost you money and time.

  • Does it matter if an institution has accreditation or not? Yes, it does. An accredited institute not only guarantees you a quality education, but it ensures the transfer of your credits to other institutes as well. Moreover, you can obtain financial support and get jobs.
  • You should know that all accreditation are not the same. Accreditation mills are scams that have low accreditation standards, and in fact sell accreditation instead of assessing an institution based on merit. Attending an institute like these is just like attending a school with no accreditation.
  • Non-accredited institutes are more affordable than the accredited institutes. Although the cost for non-accredited schools may be cheaper, sooner or later, they could cost you a fortune. After your enrollment in a non-accredited institution, you will discover that you aren’t eligible for financial support, which means that you will need to pay for the tuition from your pocket. It may be very hard and troublesome to land a job in the field you like if your education is without accreditation. If you can not transfer your course credit, you will be required to take a similar study course at an institution that is accredited.

Stay Away from Non-Accredited Schools

How to locate Accredited Colleges and Universities?