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Firstcall Checklist

What to ask school during the first call?

  1. What type of accreditation does the college hold, national or regional?
  2. Do you offer scholarships and which ones?
  3. Do you offer (Government) Title Four funding?
  4. If I do not qualify for financial aid, do you offer help with Private Loans, Payment plans, other options?
  5. Do you accept transfer credits from _______ school? (if you have any to transfer)
  6. Do you offer any life experience credit?
  7. Do you accept CLEP transfer credits?
  8. What is the duration to complete your degree program?
  9. What are the technology requirements?
  10. A career consulting department?
  11. Personal academic advisors?
  12. Offer technical support?
  13. Are books included in my tuition? Must I purchase from the school?
  14. Access to a library? Availablity of library?
  15. How does your program work?
  16. What is the time requirements associated with this program on a weekly basis?
  17. What format are the courses offered?
  18. Term duration and Amount per year? Breaks?