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International Student Financing in 2010

<h1>International Student Financing in 2010</h1>
<p>We would like to provide you with a quick update on available 2010 opportunities for foreign students seeking financial aid just as we did for the past year. 2010 begins in a much more settled position than did 2009.  Though loans are available, constraints to education financing remain, as fallout from the worldwide economic turmoil over the past two years persist. </p>
<p>Many lenders have gone out of business or canceled their international student loans while private loans in general have been cut back dramatically. However International Student Loan has loans available to foreign students in the US. These loan programs require a co-signer with excellent credit, and school certification. For more on this visit International Student Loan and click the ‘Apply Now’ button to begin your online application. </p>
<p>Also, there is no longer any direct-to-consumer (DTC), private student loans available. These DTC loans did not need to be certified by your school, and therefore could process very quickly and let you borrow more than the total amount that your school permits.  They were very popular with international and US students but because of perceived and actual abuse, DTC student loans are no longer offered. </p>
<p>For foreign students, the rudiments of sound education financing become even more important.  Invaluable tips include:</p>
<li>Budget for a college within your financial capability.</li>
<li>Attending a community college for the first two years of your education to be able to save on costs.</li>
<li>Trying to get as much as possible from scholarships. Start with your government, your school and scour the internet for financial aid on sites like International Education Financial Aid.</li>
<li>Should you decide to settle for loans, consult your school to get a breakdown of available loan programs as well as the International Student Loan for possible options.</li>
<p>Best of luck as we begin 2010. Things are looking much better than they did last year but progress has been made and more needs to be made since making international education a realization to virtually everyone rather than a dream remains a big task.</p>