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Scholarships for International Students

<h1>Scholarships for International Students</h1>
<p>Very many foreign students waste their limited resources on scholarship matching services which charge exorbitant fees for synchronizing your profile and a database of scholarships. Such students end up feeling ripped off since such scholarships are restricted to American citizens only.</p>
<p>In this article you will find a comprehensive coverage of international student scholarships suitable for natives of specific countries. To supplement information here you may search FinAid and FastWeb renowned for being the best, free scholarship databases.  </p>
<p>Prospective international students are cautioned against paying ‘application fees’ to secure financial assistance. Websites that require students to pay fees are managed by scam artists. Please visit the FinAid webpage and click on the ‘Scholarship Scam’ section for more information. </p>
<p>Here is a list of scholarships, grants, fellowships and other financial aid options available for higher education for international as well as US Citizens. </p>
<h3>GrantSearch Australia –</h3>
<p>Their database stretches well over 1,400 awards, fellowships, grants, scholarships available in Australia. Although it is legitimate, one is expected to pay close to $40 (USD). </p>
<h3>International Education Financial Aid –</h3>
<p>This one offers a free database search for its scholarships and awards which average at around 870 entries. They are available for foreign nationals albeit they may be limited to particular universities.</p>
<p>This database of 17,000+ financial aid options couples both school-administered and private awards available to Canadian students only. </p>
<p> is published by Edge Interactive, 3470 Pharmacy Ave., Toronto, Ontario M1W 2S7, Canada, phone 416-494-3343, fax 416-494-0949.</p>
<h3>SFU Graduate Awards Database –</h3>
<p>It refers to a small compilation of Canadian grad and post-doctoral fellowships performed by Simon Fraser University.</p>
<h3>St&ouml;d &amp; Stipendier AB (SOS AB)</h3>
<p>Students of European nationality can use this large Swedish-based database containing over 17,000 addresses to get funding to study abroad. Students in the US wishing to pursue their studies in the Pacific can also benefit from the database. </p>
<p>For more information, call +46-670-614310 or +46-8-836113, fax +46-670-614330, write to St&ouml;d &amp; Stipendier AB (SOS AB), Transtigen 7, S-833 35 STR&Ouml;MSUND, Sweden, or send email to</p>
<p>This website which has a bias for Canadian students contains free information on bursaries and scholarships. It was launched in 1998. </p>