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Military Students – Montgomery GI Bill

<h1>Military Students – Montgomery GI Bill</h1>
<p>The benefits of Montgomery GI Bill are offered to service members as well as veterans in order to help them with education plus training costs by offering in cash almost $50,000 and several support programs.</p>
<p>The MGIB’s value depends upon the present maximum $1368 payment rate per month multiplied by thirty-six month limit. The “payment rate” changes for inflation on October 1st of every year.  You receive present payment rate regardless of whenever you qualified or started utilizing it.</p>
<p>”Thirty-six months of benefits” is the term for academic months.  What this means is you’ll have as much as eight semesters (4 years) of regular academic education.</p>
<p>MGIB enables you to spend on a number of programs such as the following:</p>
<li>Learning online includes Correspondence Courses</li>
<li>College, Vocational or Business Technical Courses</li>
<li>Job Training/Apprenticeship/ (Reserve and Veterans Only)</li>
<li>Certification and Licensing Exams</li>
<li>Flight Training</li>
<p>Note: Your benefits could be higher in case you opted in for the Navy, Marine Corps or Army College Funds.</p>
<h3>You are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill when:</h3>
<li>You chip in $100 per month for first twelve months that you’re in the active duty, or are eligible under the VEAP conversion.</li>
<li>You’ve passed High School or possess an equivalency certificate prior to applying for the benefits.</li>
<li>You’ve served a minimum of 24 months on active duty.</li>
<p>Have a look at GI Bill Eligibility Fact Sheet for further information.</p>