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Montgomery GI Bill Eligibility Information

<h1>Montgomery GI Bill Eligibility Information</h1>
<p>To qualify for Montgomery GI Bill, you should fulfill the following 2 requirements, regardless of how or when you originally became qualified to apply for MGIB.</p>
<p>Character of discharge. To utilize the MGIB once you are separated from the active duty, you should be honorably discharged. Discharges “under the honorable conditions” plus “general” discharges do not create eligibility for the MGIB.</p>
<p>Essential Note: In case you were not qualified earlier with your first time of active duty, its possible you’ve another chance using a later time of active duty.</p>
<p>Passed High School. For using MGIB as a member on an active duty or when you are separated from the active duty, it’s essential to get yourself a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate prior to applying for the benefits. Completing twelve hours towards a college degree prior to deciding to sign up for benefits also fits the bill.</p>
<p>As well as the requirements given above, make sure you meet the requirements from one category among the four given below.</p>
<p>In case you joined active duty prior to 1 July, 1985, skip the Category 1. Chances are you’ll only meet the requirements under the Categories 2, 3, or 4.</p>
<h3>CATEGORY #I</h3>
<li>Joined active duty for first time right after 30 June, 1985</li>
<li>Had gotten military pay decreased by $100 per month for first twelve months</li>
<li>Constantly served for three years, OR two years in the event that’s what you initially enlisted for, or 24 months in case you joined Selected Reserve within 12 months of leaving the active duty as well as served four years (“two by four” Program)</li>
<h3>CATEGORY #II</h3>
<li>Came into active duty prior to 1 January, 1977</li>
<li>Served a minimum of one day from 10/19/84 to 6/30/85, plus remained on active duty through 6/30/88, (or 6/30/87 in case you came into Selected Reserve within 12 months of leaving the active duty as well as served four years)</li>
<li>On 12/31/89, you’d entitlement remaining from the Vietnam Era GI Bill</li>
<h3>CATEGORY #III</h3>
<li>Not qualified to apply for the MGIB under the Category I or II</li>
<li>On active duty on 9/30/90 plus involuntarily separated right after 2/2/91, or</li>
<li>Separated involuntarily on or right after 11/30/93, or</li>
<li>Separated voluntarily under Special Separation Benefit program or Voluntary Separation Incentive</li>
<li>Prior to separation, you’d military pay decreased by $1200</li>
<h3>CATEGORY #IV</h3>
<li>On active duty on 10/9/96 plus you’d money left in VEAP account on the particular date moreover, you selected MGIB by 10/9/97</li>
<li>Or joined the National Guard duty (fulltime) under the title 32, USC, between 7/1/85, plus 11/28/89 moreover, you selected MGIB from 10/9/96, to 7/8/97</li>
<li>Had the military pay decreased by $100 every month for twelve months or contributed $1200</li>
<p>The per month benefit compensated to you is dependent upon the kind of training you get, your category, the length of service, plus if DOD added extra money in the MGIB Fund (known as “kickers”). You typically have ten years for using the benefits of your MGIB, but  time limit could be less, sometimes, as well as longer under some situations.</p>
<p>You are able to apply by completing VA Form 22-1990, Application for Education Benefits. You can call the toll free 1-888-GI-BILL-1 for additional info.</p>
<h3>Eligibility Timeframe</h3>
<p>The benefits under MGIB usually end ten years from the date of last discharge of the veteran or release from the active duty, however a few extenuating circumstances are eligible for extensions. Veteran having a discharge updated by military will have ten years starting from the date of update.</p>
<h3>Original Enrollment Procedure</h3>
<p>The details given below describe how a person is originally enrolled for Montgomery GI Bill.</p>
<p>The enlisted service members are enrolled automatically at their very first duty station (that is, direct duty, basic training).</p>
<li>The choice to disenroll should take place within first 3 working days of joining active duty.</li>
<li>The DD Form 2366 (enrollment or disenrollment form) of the member  is started at Military Entrance and Processing Station (MEPS), however it should be completed after MGIB briefing throughout the processing of first duty station.</li>
<p>Officers aren’t enrolled automatically. They should enroll or disenroll before Officer Basic Course (OBC) (within 3 working days of joining active duty).</p>
<p>Persons joining active duty for first time (not including the active duty for training (ADT)) from Selected Reserves aren’t enrolled automatically. The first duty station should ensure the person has the option to enroll or disenroll within first 3 working days.</p>
<p>Disenrollment is a decision that is one-time and irrevocable.</p>
<li>The person signs Department of Defense Form 2366, statement of understanding, which they consent to a $100 per month decrease in pay during the  first twelve months of the active service</li>
<li>Monies that are reduced aren’t refundable and aren’t taxable.</li>
<li>Monies that are reduced can’t be suspended or stopped</li>