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Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)

<h1>Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)</h1>
<p>The benefits of the VA Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP) count almost $40,000 in the education benefits for the National Guardsmen and Reservists.</p>
<p>REAP (Chapter 1607) serves as a VA education benefit/Department of Defense program that is created to offer educational support to the members of Reserve components known as or ordered to the active duty responding to some war or a national emergency (a contingency operation)* as announced by Congress or the President.</p>
<p>Department of Veterans Affairs administers the program as well as pays benefits from the funds that are contributed by Department of Defense. But, the DoD as well as Department of Homeland Security determines eligibility. Chapter 1607 benefits can’t be combined with the other VA educational benefits. It’s essential to come up with an irrevocable election selecting which program you would like the military service to depend on. Nevertheless, in case you’re qualified to apply for Chapter 1606 kicker (College Fund), you’ll still be able to get paid that kicker at the time of getting Chapter 1607. The REAP benefits are possibly payable from the 9th of December, 2001 (ninety days following 11 September, 2001) for the individuals serving on the contingency operation on 11 September, 2001 plus those in school on 9 December 2001. Department of Defense might offer additional guidance regarding retroactive nature of the program.</p>
<p><strong>Please be aware:</strong> “Contingency operations” as described in the title 10 U.S. Code signifies “Military operations which are specified by Secretary of Defense being an operation where members of armed forces are or might be associated with military actions, hostilities or operations against enemy of U.S. or against opponent military force; or leads to the call or the order to, or the retention on the active duty of the members of uniformed services…” </p>
<strong>The Amount of the Benefit</strong> – The amount for the REAP is decided by how many days you had been activated. Every year in October, the rates of REAP payment increase to satisfy the increasing education cost. This year the qualified members of Guard and Reserve receiving REAP benefits found their benefits grow to $1094.40 each month for all those who are enrolled full-time in FY 2010.
<p>Time Reserve Member Serving on Active Duty</p>
<li>Rate (Full-time) (Eff. 1 Oct. 2009)</li>
<li>Ninety days but below twelve months $547.20</li>
<li>1 year but below 2 yrs $820.80</li>
<li>2 yrs or higher $1094.40</li>
<p>Note: Lowered rates may apply for flight, correspondence, licensing and certification training and apprenticeship/OJT.</p>
<h3>Eligibility Criteria</h3>
<li>Members of reserve component who had served on an active duty on or following 11 September, 2001 under the title 10 U.S. Code for the contingency operation as well as those serving a minimum of ninety consecutive days or over is qualified to apply for chapter 1607.</li>
<li>Members of National Guard are also qualified in case the active duty lies under the section 502(f), title 32 U.S.C. plus they serve for ninety consecutive days at the time of authorization by Secretary or President of the Defense for national emergency as well as is backed up by federal funds.</li>
<li>Persons are eligible the moment they achieve the ninety-day point regardless of whether they’re presently on active duty or not. DoD will completely determine contingency operations which are eligible for the benefits under the chapter 1607.</li>
<li>Members who are disabled and have a disease or illness aggravated or incurred while on duty, therefore are released prior to completing ninety consecutive days, will be eligible.</li>
<p><strong>The way to Apply</strong> – The Regional VA Processing Offices in Atlanta, Buffalo, St. Louis, Muskogee, N.Y., Okla., accept applications as well as supporting documents for the claims of Chapter 1607. You may begin the application procedure by completing and following instructions on the VA Form 22-1990, Application for the Education Benefits.</p>