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Tuition Assistance (TA) – Army

<h1>Tuition Assistance (TA) – Army</h1>
<p>Army Tuition Assistance (TA) offers financial support for the voluntary off-duty education programs meant for the professional as well as personal self-improvement goals of a soldier. This program is available to almost all soldiers (warrant officers, officers, enlisted) consisting of Army Reserve, plus Army National Guard who are on active duty.</p>
<p>Certain restrictions are present to who might use Tuition Assistance of Army and for what courses it may be used.  Download AR 621-5 (Army Continuing Education System Regulations in order to obtain further information.</p>  
<h3>The Payment</h3>
<p>Maximum payment amount for TA: 100% Fees and Tuition</p>
<p>Not exceeding:</p>
<li>$4500 – Fiscal Year, or</li>
<li>$250- Semester Credit Hour, and</li>
<li>$166 – Quarter Credit Hour</li>
<p>Army Continuing Education System has introduced an automated system for tuition assistance. The TA automation enables the soldiers on active duty to get TA as well as enroll in online courses. This may accelerate the enrollment procedure and lessen waiting times at the Army Education Centers. Soldiers on active duty can now obtain TA online via GoArmyEd.</p>
<h3>New Application Procedure Online</h3>
<p>Below are the key points along with GoArmyEd processes:</p>
<li>Soldiers should request TA through, before the start date of the course or prior to the late registration period of the school.</li>
<li>Soldiers need to request the TA on course- by-course basis.</li>
<li>The Soldier will be informed if the TA is accepted or not by GoArmyEd. In case the TA request isn’t accepted, GoArmyEd will inform the cause of rejection to the soldier and will advise next steps.</li>
<li>All withdrawals need to take place via GoArmyEd. The soldiers receiving an “F” grade will need to repay TA. Soldiers incapable of completing a course as a result of military duties should make sure they withdraw from that course through GoArmyEd ensuring that they’ll not be charged.</li>
<li>In case the soldier wishes for taking a class with an institution that doesn’t take part in electronic GoArmyEd course schedule, the soldier must complete a Tuition Assistance Request form in GoArmyEd. In order to be reviewed plus approved, the TA request will be sent to an Army Education Counselor/Reserve ESS. The soldiers should take out additional time for this. In case of approval of TA, the soldier will be informed via email. The approved Tuition Assistance Request Form must be printed by the soldiers, plus the form should be provided to the school moreover, the soldiers should directly enroll themselves with the school.</li>
<li>Soldiers should submit a fresh, signed TA SOU every year (SFC and above can sign for the commander as well as for themselves).Until the approval of the TA SOU, authorization of no more TA will take place. GoArmyEd sends a notice to the students ninety days prior to the deadline.</li>
<li>Further information about TA procedures is given in GoArmyEd Training.</li>