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Tuition Assistance (TA) – Coast Guard

<h1>Tuition Assistance (TA) – Coast Guard</h1>
<p>Coast Guard Tuition Assistance helps qualified personnel – active duty, civilian and reserve employees – in professional improvement by offering funding for the off-duty voluntary education courses for broadening their academic or their Coast Guard technical background.</p>
<strong>The Payment</strong> – Maximum payment amount for TA: 100% Tuition (Not exceeding:
<li>$4500 – Fiscal Year,</li>
<li>$166 – Quarter Credit Hour</li>
<li>plus $250 – Semester Credit Hour</li>
<p><strong>Application Procedure</strong> – The TA management is centralized at USCG Institute by means of a consolidated TA processing system that is managed by the United States NETPDTC (Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center) in Pensacola, Florida. The TA Application (CG-4147) is approved by the Coast Guard Institute. Moreover, the Coast Guard Institute inputs the data into the computer database of Navy, and issues Tuition Assistance Authorization form (CGI-1560). Then, the applicant takes the CGI-1560 to academic institution during the registration. For the payment of government’s share of TA, the institution bills Navy (NETPDTC).</p>
<li>TA isn’t authorized for use to meet the operational training requirements that are unit specific.</li>
<li>Benefits and eligibility are standardized service wide for the Coast Guard active duty, choose drilling reserve members (SELRES), civilian employees, and the Officers of Public Health Service that are working with Coast Guard.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance will be authorized “up-front” for the coursework of traditional college for the courses that are less than eighteen weeks long. Courses might be remote or resident.</li>
<li>There’s no limitation on use of Tuition Assistance at the time a member is obtaining “financial aid” like a student loan, Sallie Mae, Stafford loan, et cetera.</li>
<li>All the courses should be obtained from a regionally or nationally accredited institution, which results in accredited clock or college credit or contact hours.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance isn’t authorized for the reimbursement for books.</li>
<li>The developmental courses might be authorized in case it is needed by the institution before pursuing a course of freshman level. A lot of colleges need a developmental course in English, reading and Math, if applicant has not attended school for quite a few years. The applicants must note that the courses (typically numbered beginning with zero “” as first digit) aren’t transferable.</li>
<p>Tuition Assistance doesn’t cover the expenses given below:</p>
<li>Enrollment or entrance application fees</li>
<li>Student activity fees/ Student ID</li>
<li>Record-maintenance fees</li>
<li>Manuals, textbooks</li>
<li>Registration fees for the course</li>
<li>Non-consumable materials</li>
<li>Fees for flying lessons, flight time, or the noncredit aviation classes</li>
<li>Commercially accessible assembled items like computers, robots, televisions</li>
<li>Parking fee</li>
<li>Licenses, certification courses plus tests</li>
<li>Cost of the tools, protective or some other equipment which is owned by the student and becomes his/her property</li>
<strong>Additional Info</strong> – Members that are enlisted: Should complete the Tuition Assistance course(s) that are authorized on or before RELAD, retirement or discharge.
<p><strong>Note:</strong> In case member is attending RELAD plus provides documentation demonstrating that she/he will be in SELRES, then the course(s) authorized by the Tuition Assistance may start in active duty status plus could be completed in the SELRES status.</p>
<p><strong>Officers:</strong> Should complete 1yr service on completion of course. Officers using CG TA incur obligated service in return for their involvement in the program. In particular, officers consent not to as for release, retirement, separation, or termination of the SELRES status for twelve months after the date of course completion of the final course that was funded by Tuition Assistance. This service obligation isn’t any different than the one that incurred for the Advanced Education, PCS Orders, Senior Service School, Aircraft Transition, Promotion etc. (Check out the website of Coast Guard Institute for an additional list of limitations).</p>
<p>Members of SELRES should maintain “minimum drill attendance” as a minimum, keeping up “satisfactory participation.”</p>
<p>Civilian employees with a minimum of ninety days of previous, nonstop Coast Guard service consent to hold employment with Coast Guard of one month as a minimum for every credit hour on the course(s) completion. The temporary civilian employees should have twelve months prior Coast Guard service plus should have the remaining contract with Coast Guard for one month for every credit hour on course(s) completion. NAFA (non-appropriated funded personnel) and the contractors aren’t qualified for Tuition Assistance.</p>
<p><strong>Expenses Covered:</strong> The direct costs for instruction like studio, laboratory, and shop fees might be included in computation of the education costs covered by the hundred percent limitations for the off-duty education. Given, these expenses are depended upon specific fees or the charges that are usually levied by the educational institutes and are tied directly to the course for which fee is needed. Tuition Assistance won’t cover tools’ cost, protective or some other equipment, textbooks or manual, which is owned by the student becoming his/her property.  The cases in which flat fee is charged, including items that are non-consumable, the institute is required to provide an itemized expense breakdown of entire course expense. Only the portion of fee meeting the consumable and use criteria will be qualified for Tuition Assistance.</p>