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Tuition Assistance (TA) – Marine Corps

<h1>Tuition Assistance (TA) – Marine Corps</h1>
<p>Marine Corps TA offers financial support to service members electing to obtain Voluntary or Off-Duty Education.</p>
<p><strong>The Payment</strong> – The Marine Corps maximum payment amount for TA: 100% Fees and Tuition Not exceeding:</p>
<li>$4500 – Fiscal Year, or</li>
<li>$166 – Quarter Credit Hour, plus</li>
<li>$250 – Semester Credit Hour</li>
<h3>Application Procedure</h3>
<li>First-time students should complete a Tuition Assistance Orientation Class before using Tuition Assistance.</li>
<li>Marines at the remote sites (non-Marine Corps installations) might obtain the course by exploring the Tuition Assistance Orientation link given below. All the others: Please go to your local Education Office or Lifelong Learning.</li>
<li>Marines should apply for and get written authorization for Tuition Assistance from the right education office, before enrollment. Form NETPDTC 1560 can be used.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance for remote Marines and the ones assigned to some other service sites is processed at the Camp Lejeune for all those east of Mississippi and the Camp Pendleton for all those west of Mississippi. The I-I duty Marines apply by means of MARFORRES, New Orleans. And, recruiters apply through their recruiting region headquarters or district.</li>
<h3>Tuition Assistance Orientation</h3>
<li>After the enrollment of a Marine with TA, he/she should submit degree plan prior to exceeding twelve semester hours.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance will fund equal to hundred percent of institution charges for the tuition, laboratory fees, instructional fees,  computer fees as well as required enrollment fees that is combined for the postsecondary education, from the vocational certification in the course of graduate study.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance isn’t authorized for books.</li>
<li>Tuition Assistance isn’t authorized for the courses resulting in a lower level or lateral degree than the one already have (i.e. Bachelor’s degree or Second Associate’s).</li>
<li>Officers making use of the Tuition Assistance agree to stay on active duty for 2 yrs after the course completion funded by the Tuition Assistance.</li>