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Tuition Assistance (TA) – National Guard

<h1>Tuition Assistance (TA) – National Guard</h1>
<p>The National Guard members are eligible for TA. However, the way to manage their own TA is determined by each of the Armed Forces. Additionally, every state may provide its service members of National Guard, the education incentives funded by state and is based on the guidelines of the state and eligibility (that is waivers, TA, student loan repayment, exemptions, etc.).  The info regarding National Guard Tuition Assistance benefits for every service are given below:</p>
<li>ANG (Air National Guard)</li>
<li>ARNG (Army National Guard)</li>
<p>Before taking the first college course, make certain to take CLEP examinations. This will save you money and time. </p>
<h2>Army National Guard (ARNG)</h2>
<p>The ARNG Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) offers financial support to part-time ARNG soldiers to get their professional as well as personal self-improvement objectives. A master’s degree might be supported given that funding is accessible. Their aim is to offer quality programs, support and services that’ll allow soldiers to attain their education goals and further improve the strength as well as relevance of Army National Guard.  Army National Guard members might be eligible for one or more of the Tuition Assistance program goals given below:</p>
<p><strong>FTA (Part-time Citizen Soldiers)</strong> – For the FY05, the ARNG maximum payment amount for FTA for Part time soldiers is:</p>
<li>100% tuition, around $250 for each Semester Credit Hour, or around $167 per Quarter Credit Hour</li>
<li>Not exceeding $4500 – Fiscal Year</li>
<li>Fees around $500</li>
<li>High School or equivalent level might be funded at hundred percent of fees and tuition, however, are still restricted to $4,500 yearly cap.</li>
<li>ARNG suggests that schools apply for FTA before Pell Grants, allowing maximizing benefit for the financial requirements of a student</li>
<li>The participants of MGIB-SR should be enrolled a minimum of half time or more in order to combine the benefits</li>
<li>Might be used with MGIB-Active Duty (AD) or MGIB-Selected Reserve (SR) for same course depending on the following;</li>
<li>The participants of MGIB-AD who are drawing the GI Bill-Kicker (Army College Fund, etcetera.) the benefits aren’t qualified for ARNG FTA</li>
<p><strong>Note:</strong> ARNG FTA functions on a budget that is limited and isn’t a guaranteed benefit. Come first and get first. Check out the website of National Guard Virtual Armory for accessing the National Guard FTA application online.</p>
<li>Should have a valid expenditure from a school that is accredited</li>
<li>Be a part-time (traditional) ARNG soldier in the status of active drilling</li>
<li>Eligible starting the day the member signs up for ARNG, even before AIT or boot camp or while still in high school</li>
<li>Officers should serve four years after completing the course</li>
<li>Enlisted should just remain in ARNG throughout the course term</li>
<li>Members obtaining an ROTC scholarship aren’t eligible</li>
<h2>State Tuition Assistance</h2>
<p>Though not all the states provide payment of Tuition Assistance, a lot of states have extra tuition incentives that are provided at varying amounts. Moreover, you can check out the website of Air National Guard Benefits for determining which benefits are offered by your state.</p>
<p><strong>Go Army Ed (CTAM) Tuition Assistance (Activated Guard and Reserve)</strong> – In case of activation, you’ll be eligible for Army’s TA for Activated Reserve/Guard and Active Duty. The ACE TA program provides 100% Fess and Tuition around $250 – Semester Credit Hour OR $167 – Quarter Credit Hour. Not exceeding $4,500 – Fiscal Year.</p>
<p>Check out the website of National Guard Virtual Armory to obtain the latest info on Education Benefits for the soldiers who are citizens.</p>
<p><strong>Air National Guard (ANG)</strong> – Air National Guard offers access to all the DANTES credit-by-examination programs, the Community College of Associate Degree programs of the Air Force, FTA for the members of AGR for online courses, and the education benefits of the state for each member. </p>
<p><strong>State Tuition Assistance </strong> – Though not all states provide payment of Tuition Assistance, quite a few states have extra tuition incentives that are provided at varying amounts. Check out the website of ANG Benefits for determining your state benefits.</p>