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Tuition Assistance (TA) – Navy

<h1>Tuition Assistance (TA) – Navy</h1>
<p>Navy TA program will pay hundred percent of fees and tuition charged as required by the educational institutions for the enrollment of students.</p>
<p><strong>Eligibility for Navy TA</strong> – Tuition Assistance is accessible to both the Naval Officer as well as the enlisted personnel on active duty and the Naval Reservists who are on constant active duty. Moreover, it is accessible to the enlisted Naval Reservists who are ordered to active duty a hundred and twenty days as well as to Naval Reservist Officers who are ordered to active duty for two years or above. To be eligible, service members should:</p>
<li>be on the active duty throughout the course.</li>
<li>go to an institution that is accredited by a professional, national or regional agency of accreditation recognized by Department of Education.</li>
<li>obtain counseling from the office of a Navy College</li>
<li>(Optional): Find out if a /DSST/CLEP examination might take the place of course that requires funding (either consult the office of your Navy College or your school). If a DSST/CLEP exam credit could possibly apply, seek advice from the office of your Navy College for the instructions to take the practice exam and schedule an appointment for the exam.</li>
<li>show all grades from the TA courses funded before plus reimburse all F and W grades. (The withdrawals for the involuntary reasons might be given with command verification.)</li>
<li>Agree, in case an officer, to stay on active duty for about 2 yrs upon completing the courses that are funded by Tuition Assistance. This obligation goes together with remaining obligated time of service. Individuals failing to fulfill the obligation should repay the Tuition Assistance funds used up on their behalf throughout the last 2 yrs of the active duty on prorated basis.</li>
<p><strong>The Payments</strong> – Maximum payment amount for TA: 100% Fees and Tuition Not exceeding:</p>
<li>$166 – Quarter Credit Hour, or</li>
<li>$250 – Semester Credit Hour, and</li>
<li>Sixteen Semester Hours (Twenty-four Quarter Hours or two hundred and forty Clock Hours) – Fiscal Year</li>
<p><strong>Application Procedure</strong></p>
<li>Contact the office of your Navy College to get face-to-face educational counseling, by phone or via email. You can determine the courses that’ll be requested for Tuition Assistance funding with a Navy College advisor.</li>
<li>Fill out a Tuition Assistance Application form NETPDTC 1560/3 listing course(s) and fee(s). Seek advice from your institution to ensure the amounts for fees and tuition you have listed is right. Allowable fees which might be funded under TA are:</li>
<li>Fees that is directly needed for course enrollment might be coupled with tuition. Navy pays fees which are mandatory, published and required for the enrollment in the course.</li>
<li>Necessary non-reimbursable fess that meets the above listed criteria listed might be funded with Tuition Assistance. However, in case the course is terminated allowing the refunding of the tuition, the student is liable for compensating non-reimbursable fee.</li>
<li>Sailors asking for payment of fees with the tuition are held responsible for supplying accurate fee info to the office of their Navy College at the time they apply for TA.</li>
<li>Properly read the 2nd page of the TA Application as well as the TA Application Agreement, and then complete the required info at the end of the page. The form containing your signature indicates that you understand the present rules associated with TA funding. Get command approval signature for enrolling in the course(s).</li>
<li>Your Tuition Assistance Application should be given back to the office of your Navy College for processing.</li>
<p>For additional program information and the updates of Navy TA program, check out the website of Navy College TA page.</p>