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Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)

<h1>Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)</h1>

VEAP is a program that provides educational assistance. It is accessible once you decide to contribute a portion of your military payment so as to take part in this benefit program for education. Below is a summing up of the VEAP.

Benefit Description

If you decide to contribute towards this cause from your military pay, the government equals your input on a basis of $2 for every $1 contributed. These benefits may be channeled towards a degree, certificate, communication, on-job training, and vocational flight training. Sometimes, refresher training courses or programs are also available.

The right to this benefit is accessed for one to 36 months. This depends on the amount of contributions given every month, as much as the number of months participated. For 10 years beginning your discharge from active duty, you may use VEAP benefits. Where the entitlement is partly unused at the end of this 10-year phase, this portion is automatically refunded.


For qualification, the following prerequisites must be met:

* First entry of service in the period beginning January 1, 1977 and ending June 30, 1985
* Contribution account opening before April 1, 1987
* Contributions on voluntary basis, anywhere between $25 and $2,700
* First period of service stuck out to completion
* Discharge or release from service on conditions other than including dishonorable.

For personnel presently on active duty wishing to be given VEAP benefits, at least three months of contributions must be available.

These contributions may be refunded in case basic requirements for eligibility are not met or a formal request for a refund of withheld contributions is made.

How to Apply

Ensure that your program of choice is permitted for VA instruction. If this point is unclear to you, VA provides you and the school or corporation with information concerning the requirements.

Acquire and fill in VA Form 22-1990. This is the Application for Education Benefits. This is then sent to the regional office of the VA with authority over the state in which training is to be undertaken. In case you are inactive in duty, copy 4 (Member Copy) of your DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is sent. Active personnel must have their conscription accepted by the base Education Services Officer, and their service verified by their Commanding Officer.

For personnel already in training, application and Member Copy of DD Form 214 are taken to your school or employer. VA Form 22-1999 (Enrollment Certification) is filled in and all the forms sent to VA.

To remove contributions from VEAP, VA Form 24-5281 (Application for Refund of Educational Contributions) is obtained and completed, then sent to the nearest VA regional office.

For further details, get in touch with your local VA Regional Office. Dial 1-888-442-4551 toll-free.