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Accredited Degrees: What’s New, What’s Hot?

Research reveals that employment opportunities for educated health-care and human services professionals will continue to skyrocket as many others engage in a downward spiral due to recession. Baby boomers in this career hit retirement age nearly a year and a half ago and those close behind them are expected to meet the same ‘fate.’ Consequently, the need for health-care and human service employees will be on an exponential increase and estimated to reach a critical point in 2020.

Assuming that you are curious to know how this will affect your current stand on which career path to follow and whether an online education is ideal for you, you’ll soon discover that quite a good number of people are enrolling for online organizational management studies and those in professions already, are cross-training.

Selected Schools

Kaplan University

Kaplan University

Earn your degree, advance your career, and achieve your goals with an online degree from Kaplan University. And do it all without missing a day of work. Kaplan University offers accredited online degree programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Technology and Design, and Paralegal Studies.

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

You work hard. A college degree does too.

With convenient class locations as well as online learning, University of Phoenix makes quality higher education highly accessible. Whether you’re seeking an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, we can help you reach your goal while you work—and much sooner than you might expect.

In fact, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of students achieve the higher education they need to achieve higher success. We can help you too. Find out More.

Walden University

Walden University

Since 1970, Walden University has helped adult learners balance their personal and professional commitments while earning a respected Ph.D., master’s degree, or bachelor’s degree online. Walden University is accredited, and considered one of the most respected and experienced distance-delivered institutions. At Walden University, you’ll interact with other successful, career-driven peers, gain real-world knowledge from distinguished faculty, and accomplish all your goals with extensive student services and financial aid. Programs offered in management, education, psychology and health and human services.

Selected Schools

Needless to say it, but you should take advantage and cease the moment before it’s too late. As a human service professional you will be taught team-building skills which you will transfer to young or mature organizations so that their staff can work as a cohesive unit which consequently improves output quality. Such professionals are critical to the effective functioning of institutions with so many varied professionals all working towards one goal. Take hospitals for instance – an acute care center for patients. If these professionals don’t work as well greased cogs, disaster looms!

If you have great interpersonal skills and you’re working in a bank – your skills may be more applicable as an organizational manager. Cross-training would be ideal for you and any other individual who feels like his skills and talents are underutilized. For the unemployed (currently) a distance learning degree may be the bridge between depressing unemployment or a great salary and bonus package!

Whether intending to work as a payroll manager, human resources manager or organizational development professional there’s a degree you can pursue to meet your ends. has a listing of accredited online universities where you can pursue your studies in organizational management. Feel free to browse and enroll in any of our member featured schools.

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