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How to get the Most Transfer Credits available to you

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

It seems these days’ students have more to concern themselves with than ever. Working towards advancing your career is a lot of work and can be stressful. Yet it seems many students who are working diligently towards their careers are finding if they have not spent all their time at one institution they may not get transfer credits when they go to a second degree program. This in some way does not seem fair, yet from school to school the course requirements are not necessarily the same.  It does not matter if you are coming from an online degree or a campus based degree or going to an online program or one at a campus.  Classes are not identical and colleges and universities may not accept them and may cap how many you can transfer regardless of whether they are similar classes or not.

Students are running into trouble if they do not check out the transfer policies before they pick where they are going to transfer to.  There are several colleges that will accept up to 90 transfer credits and others that will accept no more than 60. You may want to check with the professional career counselor at each school you are considering before you commit.  And get their answers in writing!

Another issue is transferring from Nationally Accredited programs to Regionally Accredited programs.  Although the US Department of education has deemed these accreditation equal, regionally accredited schools often do not take credits from nationally accredited programs.

The key here of course is good planning when deciding on where to go to school. Do not leave one thing to chance as every transfer credit can be accepted before you arrive. Be sure to get and keep a copy of  the syllabus for each and every course you take. No matter how or where it was. This way if some time has lapsed you can still show the curriculum of the course. This has proved many times to be helpful to students in getting their transfer credits. Good planning and good organization will hopefully help you in avoiding this problem of transfer credits.