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Salaries are Not Keeping up with Inflation

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

It is not a secret that almost everything is going up except our salaries. Our paychecks seem to be stagnant yet we are expected to pay higher prices for just about everything. This also means the price a student has to pay for a higher education. Educational goals have not changed that much over the years yet the price of obtaining a degree sure has.

Yet if you look at job boards or anywhere they advertise for employees there are many jobs out there, especially for those with a college degree, so it shows having that degree is just as important now as it ever has been. BUT, if you look closer you see that right now this is an employer’s market. They realize the unemployment rate and that there are many people looking for jobs. So in turn they feel there is no need to raise wages as there will always be someone to fill it. And they advertise jobs once given to high school graduates as requiring a college degree but at the same pay that gave to the high school grads.

The cost of an education is simply soaring way above the wages the graduates will earn. Institutions realize this and they are trying to make financial aid more readily available for students so they can get that college degree but as hard as the colleges and universities try – the aid has little to do with them. The government also sees the problem here but they are doing little about it other than suggesting that students live home and study online. Online bachelor degree programs are faster and cheaper and allow students to work while in school.

This is great and will help more students in reaching their goals but it is only part of the answer.

What does the future hold? I don’t see an answer – only more questions. Prices are going to keep going up because there is nothing out there to stop this. The cost of all the money the Fed printed will be dollars that are worth less and less meaning prices will go higher and higher. The only answer is to get your education NOW – don’t wait another day. Continue with an online graduate degree. Looks for state funded programs with the lowest tuition. Don’t put that education off – the cost is only going up.