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Top online Degrees for Marketable Careers

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Nowadays, there are many distance learning programs that are designed for on the web learning. This is especially so for people who want to boost their careers and earning potential. However, the question that lingers is, how does one choose the right distance learning program? And furthermore, how marketable is it?

On making a decision, especially a right one, on the kind of online degree program to pursue one must take into consideration a number of factors such as: the kind of courses that are in demand, the amount of time it will take one to complete the online degree, the future outlook of that particular area, the expected remuneration and benefits and most importantly, the accrued benefits of online education. These considerations enable an individual to select the online degree program that best caters for their needs. Before committing to an online degree program, especially one that is marketable, one must be cautious and must back their decisions with extensive research so as to minimize the frustrations that come with making such decisions. This is due to the fact that a person’s future happiness, career marketability and mobility are at stake.

If you want a degree that is marketable and that gives you the best advantages in career options, then one should pursue online degree programs in fields such as:
Accounting: this online degree program prepares one to fill important financial roles in all business environments.

Business: this online degree program is varied and wide in nature as it offers a number of specialized areas for students to focus on. Basically, it prepares one for a career in business.

Criminal Justice: this online degree program provides education and interaction in areas pertaining to topics, issues and trends in the criminal justice system with reference to the current climate.

Human Resource Management: this online degree program provides one with the information and skills needed to handle a varied number of human resource tasks and decision-making situations employing the latest and most current information.

Hospitality and Food Science Management: this online degree program prepares one for a career as a business owner, manager etc. in the hospitality industry.

Nursing: this online degree program mainly consists of two types – Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and Registered Nursing (RN). Their training mainly consists of how to perform clinical tasks – done under the supervision of licensed healthcare professional – and administrative tasks.

Teaching: this online degree program offers practicing teachers opportunities for development, especially K-12 teachers, and leads to other career advancement opportunities such as qualifying one to develop curriculum for both elementary and secondary levels.

Masters of Business Administration (MBAs): this online degree program is wide and varied in nature which offers a person opportunities and a chance to gain a valuable qualification without disturbing their daily schedule.

The above mentioned programs are the best and also have the highest enrollment rates in the country.