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Military College Transcripts

Most of the cases require the conversion of your courses; military training, professional specialties, as well as traditional education to college credit, making you complete your course faster.

To estimate this past experience effectively, you have to to first get hold of military transcripts. These transcripts include your Military courses record completed, scores of college level test , military experience, plus additional learning experiences. After selecting a university, the transcripts will be examined for transfer credit of the college. The assessment will list the whole number of hours you have obtained. Then, the development of a degree plan will show the way the credits will be referred to your chosen degree program.

Reviewing a copy of personal transcript prior to requesting that it is transferred to your selected university is very important. This’ll permit you to ensure that your chosen university is being offered with the nearly all accurate info. You are able to gain official as well as unofficial copies of military transcript making use of the right links as under:

It should be noted that a number of branches permit you to ask for transcripts online; whereas others should be asked for in writing.

Links to Military Transcript

  • Reserve and Army Personnel
    Army/A.C.E. Registry Transcript Service (AARTS)
    Students should complete a form and fax or mail it to AARTS to get an official transcript sent to a specific institution. There is no fee charged on the provision of the transcript.
  • Sailor and Marine Personnel
    Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART)
  • Air Force Personnel
    You can ask for an official copy of Air Force transcript in writing , go to a center of Air Force education, or visit a military computer.
  • Coast Guard Personnel
    Ask for an official copy of Coast Guard transcript in writing.

Links to Correspondence Courses

You might have finished correspondence courses or some other training which can be utilized for college credit. Take a look at the links to websites containing transcript/ course info by military branch.

  • Reserve and Army Personnel or
  • Marine Personnel
  • Navy Personnel
  • Air Force Personnel