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Recognized Proficiency Exams

Advanced Placement (AP)

This exam is for students in high-school who wish for earning college credit for the course work they have taken before. The classes of advanced placement permit students to take an exam and be eligible for this credit. These tests are more challenging than the CLEP tests. AP exams are provided through College Board, and comprise examinations in various subjects, taking in arts, humanities, sciences, English, Spanish, Latin, history and physics. If you are an excellent student, and are attentive in class, discover if you can obtain college credit during high-school.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Adult learners having acquired knowledge through trade schools or by continuing education might test out of several core level courses needed during the college’s first year and the second year. You may succeed in testing out of equal to 2 years’ value of classes in college by taking CLEP examinations. Moreover, the majority colleges award you the similar number of credit hours in a semester as would be obtained by the students taking the related courses. Get college credit with CLEP exam in mathematics, science, English composition, foreign languages and history.


This program was at first available to military service people only, who had finished technical or vocational education for occupational specialties in military which qualified them for the trained positions in armed forces. However, the program became so successful, that the developers stretched it to comprise civilian adult learners also. If you have obtained special training for a vocational or trade occupation which didn’t provide college credit, you might qualify to play a part in this program and obtain college credit. Credit is obtainable for training in social science, business, mathematics, physical sciences and humanities.

Graduate Record Examination SUBJECT exam (GRE)

A lot of college students are aware of the general part of Graduate Record Exam. This tests overall knowledge, and many universities require it for admission to graduate school. Students don’t receive college credit for this test. They can, however, earn semester credit hours by taking individual subject sections of the GRE. Students who pass these tests demonstrate their academic knowledge and competencies in eight specialty fields, including chemistry, biochemistry, biology, English literature, mathematics, computer science, psychology and physics.

Other Methods

There are 2 other ways of obtaining credit without attending campus. “Departmental Test-Outs”, allow students request the final examination and the tutor tests then in a specific course of study, moreover, “end-of-course exams” allow students take the final examination of a correspondence course.
Among the colleges permitting this kind of examinations are the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the Ohio University (Athens). Though, a lot of other colleges permit this in case you request. The credits can be sent to a different college.

There are times when we cannot learn by ourselves and call for taking a course, particularly when it’s for a needed course which we just cannot seem to check in. Colorado Community Colleges are among my preferred programs online. Proctored examinations are not required by any of the classes. The examinations are online, open-book, and timed. Visit for further info and courses that are available.